Severn Valley Yeoman Foresters is a small NFAS fieldIMG_0793 archery club based in Worcestershire, West Midlands. Founded by John and Roger Whitmore, back in the 1950’s the club is still alive today with 150 members of all ages. Our wood has been rented off the Lord Sandy, and has been a great venue for many shoots and members over the years. Our shoots are one of the most popular shoots on the NFAS calendar.

We are part of the NFAS (National Field Archery Society) . The Society believes that, in the true spirit of field archery, the archer is competing against himself, the field, the peculiarities of the terrain, the organiser’s design and layout of the round with the natural objects and obstacles that have been included. Every year there is a national event that can be entered into by all members of the NFAS, the event lasts the weekend and is enjoyed by all.

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