Braving the Snow, rain and cold

Sunday 21st January

Well it looks like the Chairman’s weather forecast was pretty accurate although I wasn’t expecting the snow to be falling when I opened the curtains. Despite the snow and cold, the bow was still put in the back of the car and few extra layers of clothing thrown in for good measure!

On opeing the back door the cold air hit the face and I did think the wife and kids had the better / more sensnsible idea of staying in bed to watch Frozen (rather appropriate!!)

Arriving at the club, the snow was starting to settle on the field but it looked beautiful as I crossed towards the wood. Sitting outside the pavilion by myself I did wonder if I was going to be the only one stupid enough to to come but was relieved after a few sips of coffee from the flask, to see two more rather wrapped up bodies walking up the path. It was Steve and Colin, the clubs safety officers! Obviously coming to check the snow levels on the bridges!!

After a few arrows on the butts, we decided to shoot half the course.  Before trudging off to target 19 Denzil turned up and headed straight to the shelter of the pavilion and a cup of tea!

Steve, Colin and myself had an enjoyable 18 targets but it was cold…. and wet…. but kept convincing oursleves that you need to practice in this weather in case you ever get it at a shoot! After the 18 targets it was back to the pavilion for a cuppa and then home to dry the kit off and get warm…!

Heres hoping next week is a little dryer and warmer!!!





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