172 archers descended on our wood for our first open shoot of 2018. Mainly cloudy with a few scattered showers, all the visiting archers had a great day.

The course was looking fantastic with some cleverly laid shots deceiving many archers. The 3D’s looked stunning set around the woodland. The catering from the ladies in the kitchen (and Jason!) was first class with no one going hungry. The bacon, egg, black pudding and white pudding sandwich I had was particularly good!

There were some very good scores at the end of the day with lots of positive comments – it makes all the hard work worth it!

Everyone from S.V.Y.F would like to thank all the archers who came and glad you had a good day. We look forward to welcoming you back in October. Have a great summer!

Full results can be download by clicking Shoot Results.

After a sharp frost we had a lovely day with blue skies and sun.

A small group from SVYF took to the woods for a mixture of paper 2d and 3ds.

Well done to Mae 1st, Dean 2nd , Bob Cole 3rd  and Debbie 3rd.

Nice shoot good ground to walk around .highly recommend.

Shoot report: Debbie Suthard



There was a good turn out of SVYF members who attended Padgets  open shoot on Sunday 18th February. A dry but chilly day, we shot at 18 3d’s before these were removed and then the same course shot again but at paper faces.

It was my first open shoot back after quite a break away and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was good to be back! And while my score was ok, it wouldn’t have won anything but that doesn’t matter as it was all about the enjoyment and I came back with all my arrows!

I can’t tell you if any members won prizes as I had to leave before the presentation as I had a 12th birthday meal to get to! If we did get any prizes, please comment below so members know!

If you go a shoot and want to send a little write up and some pictures, please send them to darrenwilkins@me.com It will be great to get some more blogs live on the site

Shoot report: Darren Wilkins




Sunday 21st January

Well it looks like the Chairman’s weather forecast was pretty accurate although I wasn’t expecting the snow to be falling when I opened the curtains. Despite the snow and cold, the bow was still put in the back of the car and few extra layers of clothing thrown in for good measure!

On opeing the back door the cold air hit the face and I did think the wife and kids had the better / more sensnsible idea of staying in bed to watch Frozen (rather appropriate!!)

Arriving at the club, the snow was starting to settle on the field but it looked beautiful as I crossed towards the wood. Sitting outside the pavilion by myself I did wonder if I was going to be the only one stupid enough to to come but was relieved after a few sips of coffee from the flask, to see two more rather wrapped up bodies walking up the path. It was Steve and Colin, the clubs safety officers! Obviously coming to check the snow levels on the bridges!!

After a few arrows on the butts, we decided to shoot half the course.  Before trudging off to target 19 Denzil turned up and headed straight to the shelter of the pavilion and a cup of tea!

Steve, Colin and myself had an enjoyable 18 targets but it was cold…. and wet…. but kept convincing oursleves that you need to practice in this weather in case you ever get it at a shoot! After the 18 targets it was back to the pavilion for a cuppa and then home to dry the kit off and get warm…!

Heres hoping next week is a little dryer and warmer!!!