Club Constitution and Rules

1. The club is named as the SEVERN VALLEY YEOMAN FORESTERS, (hereafter referred to as the club).
2. Its address is that of the current secretary.
3. The aim of the club shall be the promotion and encouragement of field archery in all its forms, other than in hunting at local and national levels and to represent and safeguard the interests of its members in all matters connected with the sport.
4. The income and property of the club shall be applied solely towards the club’s objectives, and there will be no distribution of funds to members.
5. Only members of the club and authorised visitors may make use of the club’s facilities.

6. Membership is open to any person, irrespective of age, race, sex, or disability.
7. Classes of members shall be:
a) Adult (any individual aged 16 or over)
b) Junior individual (under 16 years of age at the commencement of the membership year)
c) OAP, UB40 and Student (Pensioner, unemployed or in full time education) d) Couples
e) Family (two adults and any children at the same address)
f) Honorary (membership fees are waived, however NFAS affiliation fees would still be due)
8. A member is defined as any person who has either paid the membership fee for the current year or holds honorary membership and is not under suspension or banned from the club.
9. All members shall accept the conditions of the club and shall conform to such rules and regulations as may be determined by the club.
10. If the club should disband, the assents of the club are to be donated to local charities and/or the NFAS as decided by the Committee at the time of the disbandment.

Rules of the Club

Membership Fees
l. All membership fees will be determined by the AGM. See 50.)
2. Membership commences on the 1st January until 31st December inclusive. Renewal subscriptions must be paid by 31st January, when membership will lapse. 3. Members joining after 1st August will pay 60% of the club’s fee plus the NFAS affiliation fee.
4. The requirement for NFAS affiliation will be assumed and the relevant levy included on the collection of the club’s dues, unless the joining member can prove independent membership of the NFAS.
5. From time to time the club may wish to honour a person by bestowing honorary life membership. Any member may propose a recipient of this award by submitting the recipient’s name to the committee at least two weeks prior to the AGM. The honorary member will enjoy all the benefits of membership without having to pay membership dues, (though he/she will still be liable for the NFAS affiliation fees).

6. The administration of the club is entrusted to an elected committee of officers.
7. The minimum committee shall consist of the following: 1 Chairman 2 Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 2 further officers.
8. All officers are due for election at the AGM and must be current members of the club.
9. Any member who has been a full member for 5 years may stand for election onto the committee at the AGM.
10. All motions, including the elections of officers, will be decided at the AGM on the basis of a simple majority vote of those present (Votes by proxy will not admissible). 11. Any member may make a proposal for consideration at the AGM by notifying a member of the committee at least 2 weeks in advance.
12. At any time, 4 or more members can call for an Extra Ordinary General Meeting by notifying either chairman or secretary at least 4 weeks in advance.
13. All members shall receive a copy of the minutes of the AGM and the treasurer’s report.

14. Members are covered by the insurance provided by the NFAS, details of which are included in the NFAS literature and rules that appear in annex A of these rules.
15. Neither the club nor its committee or members except liability for any loss, damage, injury, death or other claim due to the use of the club’s facilities of grounds.
16. All members are to observe the rules on safety at all times. The club reserves the right to suspend or bar any member or visitor who is found to consistently behave in a manner that is a danger to others.
17. Archers must not shoot if a person is forward of their shooting position.
18. Spotters must exercise great caution with respect to where they stand.
19. Members should avoid walking behind targets and follow designated routes through the wood.
20. Care must be exercised when using any of the clubs cutting tools or power tools. 21. Children and juniors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of a committee member if it is felt that the junior has proved themselves to be competent and safe.

Club Equipment
22. The club has practice bows and arrows that are available for use by new members until such time as they can select a bow that suits them. The use of this equipment is subject to the following conditions:
a ) The equipment remains in the club grounds unless specifically arranged otherwise with a member of the committee. {i.e. for use by Scouts etc)
b) Club arrows may only be used on the practice butts. New members wishing to shoot on the course should provide their own arrows.
23. Members may borrow club equipment for the use of organisations external to the club (i.e. Scouts, Youth Groups, etc.), but must contact a member of the committee first.
24. Members may borrow other club equipment (i.e. fletching jigs etc.) but should first contact the member of the committee who maintains the register of club equipment.
25. The club reserve the right to charge for any loss or damage to club property.

The Course and Pavilion
26. The club and its grounds are open to all members all year round, with the exception of dates close to any competition being hosted by the club.
27. Half of the club grounds will be closed to shooting prior to any competition being hosted by the club to allow a new course to be laid. Signs will be placed notifying which side is closed. Course layers will be responsible for the signs being placed at both the first stile and at the Club Hut.
28. Members are expected to assist in the laying of new courses, and to assist on the day of the shoot by acting as marshals.
29. SVYF Members competing at our shoots. Any member can shoot in a SVYF competition subject to the permission being given prior to the shoot by the Committee via the Chairman. Registration Fee is payable and the Archer is classed as non-competitive.
30. Members are expected to assist in the maintenance of the course in the following manner:
a ) The first Sunday of each month is designated as a work day, when members present will be expected to donate approximately 2 hours of their time to assist in the repair, renovation, and replacement of shot targets, clearing underground etc.
b) Members should try to rectify any small things that they come across
while shooting, i.e. fallen targets.
31. Trees must not be damaged in any way, and anything that has to be attached to a tree should either be tied on or tacked lightly to the bark. Undergrowth brambles, twigs and small branches may be cleared when laying out a shot.
32. Litter should be disposed of in the bin or in the incinerator by the Pavilion.
33. Fires are strictly prohibited except in the incinerator, however BBQ’s are permitted in the vicinity of the pavilion provided they are properly tendered.
34. Except for the transportation of materials etc., motor vehicles arc not permitted beyond the car park.
35. All gates must be closed after use.
36. Dogs must be kept on leads while crossing the fields or if the woods are particularly busy.
37. Members using the pavilion facilities must leave the kitchen clean and tidy and ensure that the gas is turned off at the bottle.
38. When leaving the course, members should make sure that the pavilion is locked. 39. The last member to leave the car park should close and lock the gate.

40. Hunting is strictly prohibited.
41. Shooting in the field is prohibited.
42. Safety should be observed at all times.
43. Equipment should conform to NFAS regulation (Annex A refers).
44. In general, the NFAS rules of shooting apply but may be modified in friendly competition.

Visitors and Guests
45. Only invited guests will be allowed to shoot at the club. Any club member wishing to bring a visiting friend to the ground to shoot or otherwise – must accompany the friend onto and off the ground and whilst in the woods; they will be able to do this any day of the week and a fee off £5.00 will be charged. A guest book has to be signed by the guest and the accompanying member.
46. Any member collecting such fee should pass it on to the club treasurer.
47. Visitors who are non-shooting do not pay a fee.
48. When members compete at shoots held under the constitution of the NFAS all listed members of the SVYF field archery club will compete as SVYF members or forfeit club membership.
49. That application to the club for a new member must be proposed and seconded by club members of 2 years or more standing.
50. At the discretion of the committee, in all important / urgent matters, a postal ballot will be sent to the Club membership.
51. No Club member may shoot at any Severn Valley Yeoman Foresters Open Field Shoots.